From Bama to Fort Lauderdale

Doug Jones' win in Alabama is both a relief and inspiring.

It's a relief, of course, that someone with such a disgusting history of actions and positions got rejected in one of the reddest states in the nation.

It's inspiring because, as someone running in what has been the last red district in Broward County, the win is further evidence that things are different now.

It's important to note, however, that Doug Jones was able to grossly outspend Roy Moore in the final weeks. Without those dollars, many Republicans would be unaware of why Jones was a viable alternative, and many Democrats wouldn't be fully cognizant of the dangers Moore presented.

This is why I need you to donate here, today.

Our ability to communicate is going to be key to victory. The tide is in our favor, but we will still need to let people know who I am and what I stand for.

If you're reading this, it's because you're an engaged citizen... but so many aren't (yet) and too many rely on advertising and word of mouth as their source for political information.

We are knocking doors, but we will need more staff and a strong advertising budget to compete.

Please contribute here to help us make sure we're strong in the fight to come.

I’m so thankful for your support and very excited.

- Emma

Emma Collum Unveils New Endorsements in HD 93 Race

The Ft. Lauderdale Democrat Has Picked Up Significant Support at State and Local Levels

Ft. Lauderdale - On Tuesday, House District 93 candidate Emma Collum announced the endorsements of State Senator Gary Farmer, State Representative Kristin Jacobs, and former Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl.

“I’m humbled and overwhelmed to have the support of these dedicated public servants,” said Collum, an attorney and businesswoman who serves as legal counsel for JL Audio. “Their support means a great deal to me, and I will look to their examples as I campaign to bring Broward values and much-needed change to Tallahassee.”

"Emma has the passion and the right experience to be a strong and effective voice for Broward County,” said Kristin Jacobs , State Representative for House District 96.

"I know that Emma Collum can best represent the values of our district, and will work to stop the radical agenda of Trump's fellow Republicans in Tallahassee,” said Gary Farmer, a long time leader and activist in Broward before joining the Florida Senate from District 34 last year, agreed. “I am proud to endorse Emma Collum for the Democratic nomination for State House District 93."

"Emma Collum will be a great advocate for the residents of District 93, and I am proud to endorse her,” added former Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl. “She has the knowledge, the temperament and compassion to fight for our friends and neighbors in South Florida and around the state."

We have a major infrastructure problem

We have a MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROBLEM in Fort Lauderdale—and it stinks…literally.

Since January 2014, the city has spilled 20.6 million gallons of untreated sewage into Fort Lauderdale's local waterways, and small businesses and waterfronts are paying the price.

It's aggravating: For years, engineers have told city officials that Fort Lauderdale's sewage systems were at capacity and in major need of repairs.

Now, South Florida’s lakes and rivers are being inundated with an odious, blue-green algae that is repelling aquatic tourists like kayakers and hurting small businesses rooted on the water.

This type of lack of oversight and political neglect is unacceptable. We need representatives in government that prioritize crucial infrastructure projects, promote small businesses, and protect Florida's water resources. Most importantly, we need district representatives who are not afraid to stand up to big developers, powerful companies, or wealthy donors.

Please help me get to the Florida House so we can end this type of neglect and pollution from ever occurring again.

*Follow this link to make a generous contribution to our campaign to bring fairness and accountability to government.*

Thank you very much,


A New Era For Women

There have been many insane events and political shifts this year, countless tragedies, and many huge shocks.

However, amid all this madness, I have seen one important silver lining arise from this past year: I truly believe we have entered a new era for women.

The record-breaking Women's March in January, the doubling of female lawmakers in the Virginia election, and the recent stand against widespread and pernicious sexual harassment in the workplace all represent a common theme of increased empowerment for women.

It is important we continue and carry this momentum forward whenever possible, and in my case, the Florida State House where females comprise only a small minority of lawmakers.

So please, help me close out my end-of-month fundraising deadline with as much gusto as possible:

Pitch in here to make a contribution to win our district!

Thank you,


The opioid crisis in Broward is getting worse.

Broward—like many parts of the country—is being hit hard by a severe opioid crisis.

Last year, overdoses killed 500 people in our county, and according to law enforcement and South Florida morgues, the death count is on track to be 30% higher this year. That's 150 more deaths per year.

Republicans in the executive branch, Congress, and Florida’s state government are not properly addressing this issue and seem cold to just how devastating this has been to communities and families across the country.

It pains me to think of the thousands of families that will be missing loved ones this holiday season because of inadequate funding for mental health and substance abuse services, or shortages for resources like Narcan that stop overdoses.

We also desperately need political leaders that are not afraid to reprimand pharmaceutical companies for their culpability. Unfortunately, our’s are doing the opposite.

Our government is increasingly guided by pharmaceutical executives, lobbyists, and insiders like Trump’s appointed FDA chief Scott Gottlieb, a long-time industry investor, or senior HHS adviser Kegan Lenihan, who ran a lobbying shop for drug distribution behemoth McKesson.

To solve this crisis, we are going to need new and better leadership: Please contribute here to help me get to the Florida House to be your next representative.


Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Are you as excited as me!?

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards & Live Summit is this Monday, November 13th in New York City!

I am so proud to have been named as one of their ‘women of the year.’ Especially because 2017 has already been such an EXCEPTIONAL year for females.

From the Women’s March in January, which was one of the largest protests in US history, to the #MeToo campaign on social media to expose sexual violence and harassment, or the thousands running for political office—the future is female!

I'm leaving Sunday to attend, and because I probably can't take you with me, I wanted to share some other ways you can join:

***Watch on or Facebook starting November 13 at 9:00 AM ET***

Women leaders from all across the globe will be discussing the issues we care about most right now: health, violence, equality, politics—you name it.

Definitely going to be sharing this with my grandchildren one day.

Hope you can join!


Tidal wave

Tuesday night, Democrats dominated races large and small in both Virginia and New Jersey.

In Virginia, for instance, we just saw the biggest Democratic pick-up since 1899!

For months, we have been telling people that the district we are running in (which happens to be the last Republican-held House seat in Broward County) is not only one WE CAN WIN, but rather one WE WILL WIN—so long as we have the support we need to get our message out.

So, if you can, please help us do just that by contributing $5, $10, $50, $100, or more right here and right now.

What’s happening in this country in response to President Trump is remarkable. Democrats are mobilizing… and ARE winning in big numbers.

From the recent special election of Senator Annette Taddeo, the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey, and also smaller, but extremely meaningful victories like the reelection of St. Petersburg mayor, Rick Kriseman.

This all serves as proof that our hard work and commitment to our principles is truly making a difference.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

To demonstrate continued solidarity, please donate here if you are able.


A despicable attack on our immigrant residents

I’m sick to my stomach today... not just because of what happened in Texas this week, but also because of what’s happening in Tallahassee.

On Monday, the current representative in this seat, voted with 8 others in Committee to pass a bill, HB 9, that would prohibit sanctuary cities and demand that police serve as immigration enforcement agents on behalf of the Federal government.

This bill, on top of stomping on the rights of our minority populations and legitimizing racial profiling, will no doubt increase crime. Anyone fearful of their immigration status would be afraid to call the police. More information on the harmful effects of this bill can be found here.

It is a bill that is immoral and will make us less safe. It plays to the Trump agenda and underscores exactly why we need a Democrat in this seat.

The fight is not over: It must pass the full House and then the Senate. I plan to be an active voice against it while campaigning and later when in office. 

Thank you for standing with me and those that could be negatively affected by this legislation.


Emma named one of Glamour's Women of the Year

Glamour Magazine announced their list of Women of the Year yesterday, and among the many revolutionaries and powerful change-makers was Emma Collum. "I'm honored and humbled to be named a Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year," said Emma, "As we come out of the incredible Women's Convention the message is clear - We will win in 2018 because we must.". Read about it now on Glamour Magazine


Ruth's List and more

On the heels of last week's endorsement by House Democratic Leader-Designate Kionne McGhee, I'm excited to announce I've been named one of Ruth's List's "Women 2 Watch"!  

Every year, the amazing folks at Ruth's List work incredibly hard to make sure women candidates have the support they need to be successful in key races.  I'm thrilled to know they're keeping a close eye on this race.

For our part, we are gearing up:  Walking door to door and reaching out via phone and online to make sure that everyone knows about this open seat and how important it is that we win it. 

If you haven't already:

1. Please sign up as a volunteer.

2. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

3. If you can, make a donation (or another one!) to the campaign.

Every bit of support you can give, in whatever ways you can give, gets us closer to victory.  

Thank you so much for all you do. 

- Emma

Emma Collum
Candidate for State House, District 93

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