Meet Emma

Emma Collum is a small business attorney, President and Founder of Women’s March Florida, and National Head of Field Operations for Women’s March, Inc. She has a proven record of providing economic opportunities through small business growth and STEM hiring, consistently maintaining her social conscience for the rights of impacted communities.

Emma put herself through college and law school, working as a waitress, lifeguard, swim teacher and legislative aide.

Emma’s early legal work was in New York City Courts and dedicated to representing tenants, domestic violence survivors, union workers, and environmental policy. Her interest in grassroots movements was inspired by working with under-represented communities as well as her time in both New York State and New York City politics, serving as a legislative aide.

As a legislative aide, Emma saw first hand the power of community representation and power in action as she worked toward the New York Anti-Fracking Ban and Marriage Equality legislation.

One of the earliest organizers of the Women’s March, Emma was instrumental in getting tens of thousands of Floridians to DC and to regional marches. Emma is responsible for organizing the largest mobilization of busses in U.S. history. She is responsible for the fi fty state fi eld programming for the Women’s Convention held in Detroit, Michigan.

Emma’s decision to run for House District 93 is inspired by the strong feelings she has about protecting our environment, critical infrastructure needs caused by sea level rise and storm surge, public education funding, and small business and STEM job growth.

Emma is General Counsel for a family owned business with roots in South Florida reaching back thirty years. She has worked tirelessly to increase the skill set and training for employees through local college and grant programs. This experience has informed her belief that small and medium sized businesses are the life blood of the community and should be encouraged to grow with hiring incentives and STEM training grants from Tallahassee. Emma believes that more power should be given to the city municipalities and townships that know and understand the needs of their communities.

Emma and her husband James met while attending law school and reside in in Downtown Fort Lauderdale with their rescue dog Daisy. Emma was recently named a 2017 Glamour Magazine Women of The Year for her activism. She is a member of the Fort Lauderdale Junior League, Florida Young Lawyers Association, Florida Bar Association, and New York Bar Association.

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