Meet Emma

Emma Collum is an attorney, activist, co-founder of the National Women’s March, and President of Women’s March Florida.

Emma began her legal career as an advocate for tenants’ rights, domestic violence survivors, union workers, and environmental protections. She gained valuable policy experience as a legislative aide before becoming a small business attorney for a family-owned company in Broward. As a member of the core team planning the Women’s March in 2016, Emma was instrumental in organizing the largest demonstration in United States history.

Knowing that the movement couldn’t end after a single march, she founded Women’s March Florida and currently serves as President, working to create statewide political education and voter engagement programs. Emma is running for the Florida legislature to improve critical infrastructure, strengthen our economy, protect our environment, and help all Floridians achieve equality and equity. She lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband, James, and their dog, Daisy.


Latest News

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