A despicable attack on our immigrant residents

I’m sick to my stomach today... not just because of what happened in Texas this week, but also because of what’s happening in Tallahassee.

On Monday, the current representative in this seat, voted with 8 others in Committee to pass a bill, HB 9, that would prohibit sanctuary cities and demand that police serve as immigration enforcement agents on behalf of the Federal government.

This bill, on top of stomping on the rights of our minority populations and legitimizing racial profiling, will no doubt increase crime. Anyone fearful of their immigration status would be afraid to call the police. More information on the harmful effects of this bill can be found here.

It is a bill that is immoral and will make us less safe. It plays to the Trump agenda and underscores exactly why we need a Democrat in this seat.

The fight is not over: It must pass the full House and then the Senate. I plan to be an active voice against it while campaigning and later when in office. 

Thank you for standing with me and those that could be negatively affected by this legislation.


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