Federal Court hands Trump a major blow!

Last night, a Federal District Court for the District of Columbia handed Trump a major defeat in his battle to end DACA and deport DREAMERS. The Trump administration now has 90 days to resume applications and protections for DACA immigrants.

Will you help me get to the statehouse so I can pass legislation that shields these vulnerable residents? Every dollar you can give goes a long way in aiding our campaign efforts.

Fortunately, this ruling provides some much-needed relief for DACA recipients and their younger siblings who may now be eligible to apply. However, many immigrants in Broward are still afraid to leave their homes or report crimes to police because they fear being deported.

We need to begin treating immigrant families with more respect and compassion. Like almost everyone, they're just trying to get by with dignity and raise their children in peace. Please contribute to my candidacy for Florida House so we can ignite a Democratic tinderbox: All amounts — $10, $25, $50 — are extremely helpful.

We appreciate the support,

- Emma

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