Fight to protect our environment and natural resources!

Earth Day is a global event recognized by 193 countries and 1 billion people.

It has now become the biggest day of political action and civic participation in the world. People are marching, protesting, signing petitions, meeting with elected officials, planting trees, cleaning up litter — it’s great! I wish every day was like this.

Florida is home to incredible environmental resources: Our coastlines on the Gulf and Atlantic, the Florida Everglades, and vast underground freshwater aquifers — all need to be protected from further damage.

We must do everything we can to safeguard these important local resources ASAP. It is also critical we begin shifting more towards clean energy sources like solar and wind. If we don’t, fracking, coal, and oil will continue to threaten our water, air, and health.

Please support my candidacy for Florida House so I can bring environmental issues to the top of our legislative agenda: Give $10, $25, $50, or any amount you are able to offer.

Happy Earth Day!

- Emma

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