Forcing teachers to take/retake SATs for more money?

The Republican party’s restructuring of teacher compensation this year added a provision that is not only insulting to teachers… it’s just plain silly.

The new scheme ties a part of their compensation to their historic SAT scores (if they took them). Higher scores now mean higher compensation.

Been a great teacher for 25 years and either had a bad score as a kid or didn’t take it at all? Tough luck.

In response, it was reported today that some veteran teachers are now taking or retaking the SATs so they can boost their already notoriously lame salaries.

Could you imagine? It’s degrading and insulting they have to do this. These scores have no reflection on the true work of existing teachers, who give their all to their students.

Our public school teachers deserve better—and our public schools need well-paid teachers to attract the best and brightest candidates.

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