Honoring Pulse's victims

One year after the Pulse nightclub shootings that left 49 dead, 58 injured, and many more devastated, it's hard to find the right words.

What we can't do is just push the event aside and let it slowly be forgotten.

Today is a time to remember the victims and their many friends and family who are still trying to cope with their loss. Some of them have channeled their grief into activism and good, like new organizations promoting inclusiveness and understanding. Many others, I'm sure, are simply just managing.

At a time when many cities are struggling with economic and social tensions, Orlando came together. Support for the LGBTQIA community grew in response. Whether you knew someone affected or not, the overwhelming response to the tragedy was love and a greater sense of community.

We can only hope that this deeper sense of community and compassion will continue to take root, and that over time, that will lead to less violence and less intolerance.

If you were affected personally in any way by what happened last year, my thoughts are with you.

Stay strong, Orlando.

- Emma

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