I am just as inspired as ever

Democrats may have come short in last night’s special elections, it’s still hard not to draw inspiration from their performances in overwhelmingly conservative districts.

People got to work, donated, and turned their anger and disappointment into tangible results, making people work hard for seats they used to take for granted.

The same thing happened when we did the Women’s March: We channeled our fear and disappointment with November’s result and got to work.

The same features that made the Women’s March so successful were the ones that led to the close margins of last night’s races: huge organizing, donations from all over the map, a massive amount of volunteers, and a candidate that did. not. quit.

I’m going to carry this race in my heart as we move to next year. District 93 is a much more winnable race and turnout will be guided by many more factors. But if we can inspire people to take time out of their busy schedules to think about this race and what it means for this community, we will do amazing things.

Please take a moment and if you can:

Contribute to the campaign if you haven’t already.
Sign up as a volunteer.
Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m glad you’re with me.

- Emma

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