Many people in Florida struggle with substance abuse issues

Want to help us step up to Gov. Scott and Republican lawmakers in Tallahassee? They are refusing to fully fund the state’s substance abuse diversion programs.

Drug treatment, mental health, and community re-entry programs across Florida are now having their budgets slashed by tens of millions of dollars.

This disastrous and ill-timed cut is coming at the height of the state’s opioid crisis, which killed 500 people in Broward last year. According to law enforcement and South Florida morgues, the death count is on track to be 30% higher. That's 150 more deaths per year.

Many people in Florida are struggling with substance abuse issues. Cutting funding to these programs by 40% is cruel and will reduce the current capacity at centers by almost half. It will also cost 600 people to lose their jobs.

This negligence and lack of compassion by Republican lawmakers in Tallahassee will soon lead to countless, unnecessary deaths unless these budget shortfalls are immediately addressed. Please help us get to the Florida House so we can treat everyone struggling with this deadly epidemic: All contributions — big or small — greatly aid our campaign.

We appreciate the support,

- Emma