Meet Emma

About Emma Collum

Emma Collum is a small business attorney and community leader fighting for families and communities across Florida, and a proud resident of Ft Lauderdale. Emma has fought for domestic violence survivors, union rights, and as a legislative aid worked to support marriage equality and environmental protection. She has a proven record of providing economic opportunities through small business growth and STEM hiring. In the State House Emma Collum will continue to advocate for economic opportunity, livable wages, affordable housing, environmental protections, and not just equality but true equity for all Floridians.

Emma put herself through college and law school, working as a waitress, lifeguard, swim instructor and legislative aide.

Emma’s early legal work was in New York City Courts and dedicated to representing indigent tenants, domestic violence survivors, union workers, and environmental policy. Her interest in grassroots movements was first inspired by working with underrepresented communities in New York. As a legislative aide, Emma saw first hand the power of community representation and power in action as she worked toward the New York Anti-Fracking Ban and Marriage Equality legislation.

As a small business attorney in Broward County, she has worked to increase the skill set and training for employees through local college and grant programs while providing legal guidance for her employees. Her pro bono work for these same employees have granted them access to the judicial system. This experience informed her belief that small and medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of the community and should be encouraged to grow with hiring incentives, clear and fair regulations, and STEM training grants from Tallahassee.

As Founder of Women's March Florida, Emma was responsible for the creation of a 501c4 with 13 active chapters across Florida who advocate for impacted communities. As President of the Florida Chapter she was instrumental in bringing 27k Floridians to the March on Washington and other local marches throughout the state. Women’s March Florida has proudly offered training and assistance to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, campaigned for second chances, and worked for responsible gun safety advocacy.

Emma’s decision to run for House District 93 is the direct result of a lifetime of experience working with small businesses and communities, and is inspired by the strong feelings she has about protecting our environment, critical infrastructure needs caused by sea level rise and storm surge, public education funding, affordable housing, and small business and STEM job growth.

Emma and her husband James met while attending law school and reside in in Victoria Park with their rescue dog Daisy. Emma was recently named Glamour Magazine Women of The Year for her activism, Outstanding Woman by the Broward Boys and Girls Club, and Activist of the year by the Florida Young Democrats. She is a member of the Fort Lauderdale Junior League, Florida Young Lawyers Association, Florida Bar Association, New York Bar Association, Dolphin Democrats, and Precinct Captain for the Broward Democratic party.