Florida Politics: Emma Collum blasts ‘repugnant’ Republicans defending Brett Kavanaugh

Florida House candidate Emma Collum, a Democrat, is bashing Republican House members who signed a letter urging the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court — despite an allegation of a decades-old sexual assault.

Christine Blasey Ford alleges Kavanaugh drunkenly accosted her at a party when the two were back in high school. Ford recently agreed to testify in front of senators next week regarding her allegations. Kavanaugh also said he will testify and has denied the claims by Ford.

The letter from House Republicans, signed by 73 members, did not mention the allegation. Rather, Republican lawmakers emphasized Kavanaugh’s professional background and positive personal anecdotes to explain their support for his nomination.

“This letter is a repugnant show of partisanship over empathy and decency,” said Collum, currently running for the open seat in House District 93.

“By asking the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh and ignoring credible allegations of sexual assault, Florida Republicans are enabling sexual abusers and sending a clear message to other survivors: ‘If you come forward about your attacker, we won’t listen.’ We should believe women when they talk about their experiences.”

That latter sentiment echoes comments made by Hillary Clinton during her 2016 run for the presidency, when she said to sexual assault victims, “You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed.”

Critics responded by noting the Clintons’ previous pushback against numerous sexual assault accusers of former President Bill Clinton. The “right to be believed” portion of the quote was eventually removed from the Clinton’s 2016 campaign website, though the video of the remarks remained.

And currently, Democrats are earning sharp critiques for their handling of sexual assault allegations against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, now running to become Minnesota’s attorney general. The party has not pulled its support for Ellison, and a recent poll found only 5 percent of likely Democratic voters in Minnesota believed the allegations.

Collum also called for the FBI to look into Ford’s claims.

“In Kavanaugh’s case, a full FBI investigation must be completed before a vote is considered. This letter makes it clear that Florida Republicans care more about control and power than they care about the millions of women whose only request is to be treated with dignity.”

So far, Senate Republicans and the White House have rejected calls for the FBI to investigate further. That’s despite the fact that the FBI performed a similar function when Anita Hill made accusations of workplace misconduct by then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

by Ryan Nicol

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Happy National Working Parents Day!

Any parent can tell you, it’s hard to support your family while you have little ones who depend on you for their well-being. Working parents still face many challenges, like minimal or no parental leave and a lack of affordable daycare. Today, on National Working Parents Day, I want to say to thank you to all of those out there raising the next generation of Americans to be engaged, informed, and kind.

My grandmother was the first in our family to attend college and she was passionate about making a difference through politics. Both my grandmother and mother were working parents, school teachers, and advocates for social change. Thanks to the dedication and sacrifices made by my mother and her mother before her, I am running for office today.

Their struggles and stances on labor issues informed my vision for this state. I want to bring the issues you deal with as working parents to the Legislature and work on your behalf for change. Please take a moment to donate to our campaign and help us build momentum by donating $5, $25, $50, or any amount you can spare.

Thank you again for all that you do.

 - Emma

Secretary Julián Castro at Opportunity First endorses Emma Collum.

Earlier this year, I founded an organization called Opportunity First with the mission to help elect a new generation of leaders up and down the ballot all across our country.

Today, I'm proud to announce that we have endorsed Emma Collum for the Florida House, District 93. Emma is a strong leader that will spur economic progress, protect our most sacred rights and be a model for inclusive leadership.

At Opportunity First, we are dedicated to investing in and supporting young, progressive leaders who put people before politics. People like Emma. The candidates we’re supporting this November represent the future of the Democratic party and showcase our collective vision for creating pathways to opportunity for all Americans.

We are excited to be part of Emma’s campaign and look forward to celebrating her victory.

I hope you can join us in supporting her candidacy and to contribute what you can to help her make a real difference in Tallahassee.


Julián Castro
Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Founder, Opportunity First

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence endorses Emma Collum

I’m honored to announce that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has endorsed my candidacy for State Representative in Florida’s District 93.

The Brady Campaign advocates for gun control and against gun violence in the U.S. It is named for former White House Press Secretary Jim Brady, who was wounded when a gunman attempted to assassinate former President Ronald Reagan.

Leaders at the organization thanked me for "working to protect Florida's children, families and communities from gun violence. We appreciate Emma's strong support for gun reform laws to reduce firearm injuries and deaths."

Here in Broward County, we know firsthand the devastating effects that unchecked gun laws can have on a community. From Parkland to the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, it’s clear that we need comprehensive gun control in this country.

I have pledged to never accept NRA money, so I need your help. Please follow the Brady Campaign in supporting my campaign so that I can work to ban assault weapons and implement background checks from Tallahassee.


- Emma

New Times article about me and the Pink Wave.

Miami New Times just published an article on the Pink Wave sweeping the state as a response to Trump’s (and others) anti-women policies. I'm heavily featured in the article, and would love you to read it if you can, here.

We know women can lead and they should lead. Like the majority of the other 149 female candidates in Florida, I felt silenced and afraid to live in a country that debases women and has a President that has consistently undermined us before and after he took office.

I was proud to be one of the founders of Women’s March Florida, but I wanted to get more involved on a governmental level, so I ran for office. When I am elected, I will replace the last remaining Republican State Representative in Broward County.

Since last October when I decided to run, I have knocked on at least 7,000 doors in District 93, but there’s still a lot of work to do in the upcoming months. That’s why I’m asking you to support my campaign today with a contribution of $10, $20, $50, or whatever you can afford to keep this Pink Wave moving.

Thank you for helping to make a difference,

- Emma

Protecting healthcare and women’s rights

Expanding Medicaid in Florida is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

It would save our state money, provide healthcare access to millions of low-income residents, and help secure critical family planning services.

Please help me win in November so we can start making immediate changes to improve Florida’s broken healthcare system: Contribute here to help us flip this last Republican seat in Broward.

So far, we have picked up key endorsements from EMILY’s List and Ruth’s List, two of the most influential women's rights and pro-choice organizations in the state.

Now, all we need is you — thank you for stepping up to support my campaign.

- Emma

Everyone is affected by water pollution

Homeowners, businesses, vacationers, and local workers near Florida’s coastal waters are suffering from ANOTHER HUGE TOXIC ALGAE OUTBREAK, particularly around Lake Okeechobee.

Exposure to these toxic waters can kill pets and marine life, create intestinal and respiratory distress, and has links to causing cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS.

The culprit — pollution from sewage, fertilizer, and manure.

For eight years, Gov. Scott and Republicans in the state legislature have failed to address this critical health and environmental concern. Now, the problem is so out of hand these giant blue-green plumes can be viewed from space.

District 93 depends on our beautiful coastal economy for real estate and tourism, and this sludge in our intercoastal and ocean waterways will hurt us far more than just by being an eyesore.

Help me get to the Florida legislature so we can clean up this mess at the source: Please give a small donation to support our campaign if you are able.

Only by coming together can we make a difference.

- Emma


SEIU Florida endorses Emma Collum.

I am proud to share that SEIU Florida is endorsing my campaign for Florida House, District 93. Service Employees International Union of Florida helps more than 55,000 members in the service industry advocate for their own rights and aims at creating a more just and humane society.

“We believe we share a common vision for Florida,” says SEIU Florida president, Monica Russo, about the endorsement. “One in which working families have economic security, rights and a legacy for the next generation.”

As someone who fights for union rights, I am excited to receive their support. I look forward to improving the lives of workers in Florida by advocating for economic opportunity, livable wages, and not just equality but true equity for all Floridians.

Please donate what you can to our campaign, so that I can represent the needs of Florida’s workers in Tallahassee.

Thank you,

- Emma

Florida Planned Parenthood PAC endorses Emma Collum

I’m very excited to announce that I received an endorsement from Florida Planned Parenthood PAC (FLPPPAC).

This is an extremely critical time for women’s rights. The Republicans are working hard to restrict our right to choose and will succeed if they appoint a pro-life Supreme Court justice.

We must work harder.

FLPPPAC is the political wing of Planned Parenthood, supporting candidates that are advocates of women’s reproductive rights. I’m proud to be one of them.

I’m prepared to fight and hope you are too! Please help us continue this battle by contributing what you can to our campaign. Every dollar helps.

Thank you,

- Emma

Big news: Democratic Women’s Club of Florida endorsement

I’m so excited to announce that I have received an endorsement from the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida. As a proud, lifelong Democrat, I’m honored to be recognized by this strong, active community of women.

As President and Founder of Women’s March Florida, I have great faith in the power of women standing together to support each other. The DWCF has united women in this state since the 1950s to share information, support candidates, and increase voter registration. It is thanks to groups like the Women's Club that we are able to march.

I hope you also join the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida in committing to my campaign. If you can, please donate here.

I appreciate all of the support!

Thank you,

- Emma