New Endorsements

“Emma Collum was a leader and planner in the execution of the Women’s March. I have seen that when she puts her mind to something she gets it done. The Broward County legislative delegation needs strong ‘can do’ members like Emma in order to deliver on issues most important to our residents and our communities. I’m thrilled to endorse her and excited to work with her in Tallahassee.”

Rep. Evan Jenne

          ”Florida doesn't just need more Democrats — we need more Democrats like Emma Collum. I have been tremendously impressed not only by Emma's background and credentials but also by her values and integrity. She leads with her heart and that's why I know that we can always count on her to vote in the interests of our neighbors — not the special interests."

Rep. Shevrin Jones

I am so honored to have the support of these incredible leaders.

Michael Albetta (LGBTQ activist)
Rep. Bobby DuBose (FL District 94, Democratic Minority Leader Pro Tempore)
Rep. David Silvers (FL District 87)
Mayor Frank Ortis (Pembroke Pines, FL)

We need your help to change our broken politics in Broward and Tallahassee. Can you lend a hand to the campaign by providing a quick donation? All amounts — small or big — are extremely helpful! Please make a contribution today.

Thank you!


Federal Court hands Trump a major blow!

Last night, a Federal District Court for the District of Columbia handed Trump a major defeat in his battle to end DACA and deport DREAMERS. The Trump administration now has 90 days to resume applications and protections for DACA immigrants.

Will you help me get to the statehouse so I can pass legislation that shields these vulnerable residents? Every dollar you can give goes a long way in aiding our campaign efforts.

Fortunately, this ruling provides some much-needed relief for DACA recipients and their younger siblings who may now be eligible to apply. However, many immigrants in Broward are still afraid to leave their homes or report crimes to police because they fear being deported.

We need to begin treating immigrant families with more respect and compassion. Like almost everyone, they're just trying to get by with dignity and raise their children in peace. Please contribute to my candidacy for Florida House so we can ignite a Democratic tinderbox: All amounts — $10, $25, $50 — are extremely helpful.

We appreciate the support,

- Emma

Fight to protect our environment and natural resources!

Earth Day is a global event recognized by 193 countries and 1 billion people.

It has now become the biggest day of political action and civic participation in the world. People are marching, protesting, signing petitions, meeting with elected officials, planting trees, cleaning up litter — it’s great! I wish every day was like this.

Florida is home to incredible environmental resources: Our coastlines on the Gulf and Atlantic, the Florida Everglades, and vast underground freshwater aquifers — all need to be protected from further damage.

We must do everything we can to safeguard these important local resources ASAP. It is also critical we begin shifting more towards clean energy sources like solar and wind. If we don’t, fracking, coal, and oil will continue to threaten our water, air, and health.

Please support my candidacy for Florida House so I can bring environmental issues to the top of our legislative agenda: Give $10, $25, $50, or any amount you are able to offer.

Happy Earth Day!

- Emma

These kids and families deserve to be heard

Can you support March For Our Lives tomorrow?

Students from Parkland and all across the nation are marching to pressure legislators to address our gun problem.

Let's help them out: Follow this link to find a local rally or volunteer.

These kids, their families, and other survivors deserve to be heard. Gun violence, mass shootings, and unregulated access to dangerous weaponry have taken far too many lives.

However, because of these powerful Parkland survivors—who have taken it upon themselves to advocate for gun reform at the national stage—we have a real opportunity before us to push back and change the status quo.

We must give them all the support we can.

Hope to see you tomorrow,

Emma Collum

Broward housing costs are going up

We have a harsh reality to face here in Florida: We are currently in a housing crisis that is affecting citizens across all class levels. Rents are too high, wages are too low, and because of this disparity too many people are struggling to survive.

I am steadfast in my belief that AFFORDABLE housing is a universal basic human right.

No person should have to devote their entire livelihood working to make just enough for rent or their mortgage. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are seeing across the state.

Data released by the FIU Metropolitan Center shows 30% of renters in Broward County spend half or more of their income on rent and utilities. Working full-time and making minimum wage is simply not enough.

We must band together to provide for the most vulnerable among us, and ensure that we are holding elected officials, developers, and community stakeholders accountable for providing the support and resources needed to begin reversing this crisis. 

Housing is not a privilege; it is a right and a basic need. Our campaign will work to ensure this need is met. Please stand with us in this fight by making a contribution to help us win this state senate seat: Give $5, $15, $25, or any amount of your choosing.

—Emma Collum

Our schools and students are getting shortchanged

Tallahassee released their education budget over the weekend, and Broward schools and students are definitely getting shortchanged.

While most per-pupil funding in Florida is set to increase by $101.50, Broward will only receive $52.35, which puts us at the bottom of the list. This is not right.

We may be a Democratic stronghold, but it is wrong for this Republican-held legislature and governor to be punishing us, especially considering recent events in Parkland.

Our school system serves 270,000 students in over 300 schools, making it the sixth largest in the nation—what are lawmakers thinking?

According to our Broward superintendent, Robert Runcie, this budget will force devastating “cuts that will impact our schools, our communities and the children we serve.”

There's no questioning it. We need better legislators in Tallahassee. Will you help me get there? Please make a contribution to our campaign so I can stand up for our students and schools: Chip-in $15, $25, $50, or any amount you can. All amounts boost our momentum and chance of winning.

Thank you,



FEMA’s flood insurance chief says we’re ALL at risk

Global climate is changing. Coastal water levels are rising. Storms are becoming more unpredictable—what are we going to do about it?

Climate change—and rising oceans engulfing Florida—are some of the biggest existential threats to our livelihood and state economy.

The situation is so bad that FEMA’s flood insurance program chief now recommends that all Floridians should have a policy. Credit agencies are also downgrading municipalities that do not make infrastructure improvements to handle these growing and more frequent floods.

Can you help me get to the Florida House so we can push an agenda that forces our Legislature to protect our environment, coastlines, and to promote clean energy? Please donate $5, $25, $50, or any amount you can spare to help the campaign.

Thank you! We owe it to future generations.

—Emma Collum

The amazing women who came before us

TODAY is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, we are honoring all the inspirational women who came before us! If it wasn't for their sacrifices, this country would not be what it is today.

Here's a short list of some of the influential women leaders who are a big part of Florida's history:

  • Betty Castor, Florida's first female cabinet member.
  • Carrie Meek, first African-American woman to be elected to the Florida Senate.
  • JoAnn Hardin Morgan, the first woman placed in a senior managerial position at the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Marjorie Carr, was the first female wildlife technician for the Federal government.
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a famous environmental activist and popular author.
  • Jacqueline Cochran, first woman to break the sound barrier and first civilian woman to win a Distinguished Service Medal.
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist and author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Growing up, my grandmother was the first woman to go to college in our family. After graduating, she became a public school teacher, worked on the Adlai Stevenson campaign, and became principal of her local school. My mother, also a public school teacher, campaigned for Obama and advocated heavily for environment and labor issues.

It is important to remember these women—because even in the United States in 2018—liberties and freedoms can be taken for granted. These women who came before us helped pave the way for everything we now have. The least we can do is honor and thank them.

If you believe we need more women leaders in the House, please take a moment to donate to our campaign to win this District: Contribute and help us build momentum by donating $5, $25, $50, or any amount you can spare.

Thank you for stepping up so we can change this broken political system!

Emma Collum

Women are powering a worldwide movement

Women’s History Month is taking on a whole new meaning in 2018. Never before have I seen so many women from all types of backgrounds step up to combat this administration and their toxic policies.

This is a moment of unprecedented progress for women, but we must be careful. The Trump-Pence administration, and extremist Republicans in Congress and the Florida House have already inflicted many wounds:

They have restricted access to birth control, sex ed in schools, abortions, and family planning in America and globally. They've made defunding Planned Parenthood one of their main priorities and dismantled LGBT workplace and discrimination protections.

All of this flies in the face of what is now a worldwide movement for women's rights, equality, and fighting injustice. There are marches, more women candidates than ever, and powerful social movements occurring such as #MeToo and #TimesUp.

We must continue this tremendous momentum. Will you help me win this Broward House seat? Donate to our campaign if you're able so we can win this state district and put strong women leaders in Tallahassee who are not afraid to back down: Give $15, $25, $50, or any amount of your choosing.


Thank you for joining the campaign. We really appreciate the help!

—Emma Collum

Chip LaMarca “Cowardly and AWOL”


Wednesday, 2/28/18
Contact: Brendan Olsen, (508) 272-2892

Emma Collum: Chip LaMarca “Cowardly and AWOL” For Failure to Vote on Commonsense Gun Laws

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Today, Democratic candidate for HD-93 Emma Collum released the following statement on the alleged technological glitches preventing Commissioner Chip LaMarca from voting on two measures related to gun violence prevention during yesterday’s meeting of the Broward County Commission:

"Commissioner LaMarca’s ridiculous claims of technology failure at two critical moments during the commission meeting are shameless. I refuse to blame Boost Mobile for Commissioner LaMarca’s failure to vote. I blame him and him alone. I blame a lack of courage in standing up to the gun lobby on behalf of the citizens of our community. As the rest of the commission voted unanimously to do the right thing, LaMarca went AWOL and did nothing to make our community safer – or to do right by the victims of the unspeakable tragedy in Parkland. For two weeks, the survivors of that shooting have been crying out for an assault weapons ban and they deserve to be heard. Yesterday, Commissioner LaMarca had the opportunity to heed their calls and be a leader on this issue. Instead, he disappeared. It was a cowardly act and our community deserves better than the commissioner’s lame excuses and abdication of duty. To think that he is now asking voters to send him to the State House, where his only job will be to cast votes, is beyond comprehension.”

LaMarca, who joined the meeting by phone, claimed that phone problems prevented him from casting his vote on two items before the commission. The first, Item 67, was a resolution urging the Florida Legislature and the federal government to take immediate action on the implementation of commonsense gun laws, including but not limited to an assault weapons ban and a ban on modifiers such as bump stocks. The resolution also provided supplemental funding for school-based mental health programs. The second, Item 69, was a motion instructing the county attorney to explore the possibility of banning gun shows on county property as well as prohibiting individuals from bringing firearms onto county property. Both measures passed 8-0, without LaMarca’s support. LaMarca’s phone trouble was not an issue when he voted to support two less controversial measures also on the commission’s agenda.

Collum and LaMarca are contending to replace Republican Rep. George Moraitis in District 93 of the Florida House of Representatives. Collum is an attorney and an original organizer of the Women’s March. LaMarca is the lone Republican currently serving on the Broward County Commission. The general election to replace Moraitis is slated to take place on November 6th, 2018 and is seen as a prime pick-up opportunity for Democrats.

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