About Emma Collum

Meet Emma 

Emma Collum is an attorney, activist, Executive Director of Women's March FL and National Head of Field Operations for the National Committee of Women’s March.

Emma’s early legal work was in New York City Courts and dedicated to representing tenants, domestic violence survivors, union workers, and environmental policy. Her interest in grassroots movements was inspired by working with under-represented communities as well as her time in both New York State and New York City politics, serving as a legislative aide.

Emma put herself through college and law school, working as a waitress, lifeguard, swim teacher and legislative aide.

One of the earliest organizers of the Women’s March, Emma was instrumental in getting tens of thousands of Floridians to DC and to regional marches.

Emma’s decision to run for House District 93 is inspired by the strong feelings she has about education funding, the environment, and the plight of poverty-stricken and otherwise repressed communities.

She currently works as an attorney for a family owned business with roots in South Florida reaching back thirty years. This experience has informed her belief that small and medium sized businesses need both more help and less regulation from Tallahassee, and that more power should be given to the city municipalities and townships that know and understand the needs of their communities.

Married for two years, she met her husband at CUNY law in 2009 when they were on opposing sides of the National Labor Trial Competition. Needless to say they never discuss who won that competition and married regardless.