Protect Our Environment

Beautiful beaches have drawn millions of tourists to District 93 but sea level rise and beach erosion continue to threaten not just our hospitality industry, but our critical marine industry as well. This isn’t a partisan issue it’s an urgent local emergency that demands quick action from our leaders in the Legislature. Florida should be the leader in alternative energy sources, especially solar.


Improve Critical Infrastructure

Raw sewage is flooding our neighborhoods, street and bridge repairs continue to be put off, and traffic throughout the US-1 corridor remains completely gridlocked forcing high speed traffic to be dangerously rerouted through quiet residential neighborhoods. Crumbling infrastructure, neighborhood flooding – even when it hasn’t rained – and rising seas intruding into our communities and causing so much harm throughout Broward County. More than ever, we need leadership in Tallahassee that will fight for our fair share of infrastructure funding for District 93.


Empower Local Small Businesses

As General Counsel of an engineering and manufacturing company right here in Broward County, Emma knows first hand the challenges and benefits to growing a small business in South Florida. Our Legislature should be helping these businesses and increasing their ability to hire and train skilled workers, not burdening them with increased red tape and ending critical hiring incentives and job training grant programs. District 93 deserves leadership which will encourage small business growth and upward economy mobility so that our community continues to thrive for years to come.



Emma is the proud daughter and granddaughter of public school teachers and knows first hand the power of a public education from elementary, to college, to professional school. All student’s have a right to a public education which will train and prepare them to compete in an increasingly technical and global based economy.


Gun Safety

In the wake of Pulse, Parkland, and the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting our communities have demanded that enough is enough. We must have comprehensive gun control and Emma has signed the pledge to never accept NRA money into her campaign. In addition she will work to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; implement comprehensive universal background checks on all gun sales require domestic abusers to surrender firearms when a protective order is issued against them to protect victims of domestic violence; and a comprehensive investment into mental health


LGBTQ Equality

Members of the LGBTQ community deserve to live their life free from discrimination. Emma also believes Florida must ensure that we protect the LGBTQ community from employment discrimination and for our trans students and community members to be safe and comfortable using the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.