Run for Something Endorsement and Women's March Recap

What an amazing weekend.

First, on Friday, I found out we were endorsed by Run for Something—a national group helping to elect younger Democrats. I am one of only 89 candidates across the country to have their endorsement. Thank you to Run for Something for your faith and good work!

On Sunday, we staged the Women's March in Miami in front of thousands of women, men, and children. It was an incredibly inspiring event, with many great speakers.

In my own speech, I talked about the Women's March movement and how it has evolved into activism and candidacies across the country.

We aren't just asking for a seat at the table. We want a whole new table.

The time is now. We can change the way politics is done in this country with new leadership and fresh ideas.

Please join me: Contribute any amount, small or large, here.

Additionally, if you'd like to see some of the pics and articles regarding yesterday's march, please join our Facebook page, here.

- Emma

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