Ruth’s List has given me their endorsement

I have very awesome news…

Ruth’s List—a major progressive force for women’s rights and fair elections—just gave our campaign their official endorsement:

"Emma is a successful attorney, activist, and President of the Women's March FL. She has marched with thousands of you and will continue to fight in Tallahassee to protect our environment, improve our infrastructure, and empower local small business. Ruth's List FL and it's members—now tens of thousands strong—are proud to support Emma and her candidacy."

—Marley Wilkes, Executive Director of Ruth's List FL

In just eight years, Ruth’s List has helped 50+ pro-choice Democratic women win elections to key state and local positions around Florida. They also supported Fair Districts Florida, which worked to put two constitutional amendments on the ballot in 2010 to end gerrymandering.

The organization was named after Ruth Bryan Owen, a widow and mother of four children, who was the first woman elected to Congress from the South just eight years after women were given the right to vote. We are very proud to have their support!

Will you stand together with Ruth's List in our efforts to get more progressive candidates in Florida?

Please make a contribution of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 any amount of you prefer.

Thank you!

—Emma Collum

#NoNRAMoney #enough #NeverAgain

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