Stopping Trump’s Supreme Court pick

The worst case scenario has happened.

Trump’s second appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will turn it into one of the most conservative Supreme Courts in our lifetime.

LGBTQ equality, abortion access, voting rights, presidential abuse, corporate influence, campaign funding, gerrymandering, and healthcare are all at stake unless we can delay and shift this pick to someone more moderate.

As a candidate, I have always stood by a woman’s right to privacy and autonomy. That is why I'm proud our campaign earned the endorsement of Ruth’s List, a major progressive force for women’s rights.

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This November, the Florida State Legislature can serve as a check against Supreme Court decisions that roll back protections for our environment, voting rights, and reproductive rights.

Please help me win this Florida House seat, so we can fight back and protect the rights of everyone who are now at risk: Give whatever amount you can to support. All contributions make a difference.

Stopping Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and other Republican Senators from confirming Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court is going to be critical these coming weeks.

Thank you,

- Emma