The opioid crisis in Broward is getting worse.

Broward—like many parts of the country—is being hit hard by a severe opioid crisis.

Last year, overdoses killed 500 people in our county, and according to law enforcement and South Florida morgues, the death count is on track to be 30% higher this year. That's 150 more deaths per year.

Republicans in the executive branch, Congress, and Florida’s state government are not properly addressing this issue and seem cold to just how devastating this has been to communities and families across the country.

It pains me to think of the thousands of families that will be missing loved ones this holiday season because of inadequate funding for mental health and substance abuse services, or shortages for resources like Narcan that stop overdoses.

We also desperately need political leaders that are not afraid to reprimand pharmaceutical companies for their culpability. Unfortunately, our’s are doing the opposite.

Our government is increasingly guided by pharmaceutical executives, lobbyists, and insiders like Trump’s appointed FDA chief Scott Gottlieb, a long-time industry investor, or senior HHS adviser Kegan Lenihan, who ran a lobbying shop for drug distribution behemoth McKesson.

To solve this crisis, we are going to need new and better leadership: Please contribute here to help me get to the Florida House to be your next representative.


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