We have a major infrastructure problem

We have a MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROBLEM in Fort Lauderdale—and it stinks…literally.

Since January 2014, the city has spilled 20.6 million gallons of untreated sewage into Fort Lauderdale's local waterways, and small businesses and waterfronts are paying the price.

It's aggravating: For years, engineers have told city officials that Fort Lauderdale's sewage systems were at capacity and in major need of repairs.

Now, South Florida’s lakes and rivers are being inundated with an odious, blue-green algae that is repelling aquatic tourists like kayakers and hurting small businesses rooted on the water.

This type of lack of oversight and political neglect is unacceptable. We need representatives in government that prioritize crucial infrastructure projects, promote small businesses, and protect Florida's water resources. Most importantly, we need district representatives who are not afraid to stand up to big developers, powerful companies, or wealthy donors.

Please help me get to the Florida House so we can end this type of neglect and pollution from ever occurring again.

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Thank you very much,


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