We're failing our schools and need to fight back

Last month, I wrote you about HB7069, which Governor Scott signed, would severely hurt our public schools, forcing them to give an even split of locally derived capital outlay funds to charter schools. Also included in that bill were huge breaks and benefits to charter school corporations and developers.

Now, school districts are filing suit to try and stop it, and I fully support those efforts.

Districts and parents struggling with underperforming schools should be given more resources... not watch as their tax dollars get bled into a for-profit enterprise with even less accountability and incentive. Nor should parents hope that if they're lucky, their kid *might* get into one of these new charter schools, knowing that if they don't, the school they're in will be that much more strained.

I'm hopeful the courts will stop this bill—but regardless, the fight for public education is in full force. When I get to Tallahassee, I am going to fight like cats and dogs to reverse any remaining negative effects of this bill and stand up for public school teachers and students.

Thank you so much for your support. If you're able to make a donation to the campaign, please contribute here. Whether it's $5, $10, $25, or $250—every little bit helps. We must all work together to get the message out.

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